About the Group

AVLC GROUP VISION is to provide a one stop shop for all financial needs across East Africa and beyond.

This vision is driven by the following KEY STRATEGY:

  • Customization- Creating products as per the greater well researched market demand
  • Innovation- Thinking outside the confines of traditional financial solutions by integrating technology and new schools of thought.
  • Branding- Keeping up to date financial image not only on our products but on the financial sphere
  • Differentiation- Offering unique products that fit well with our unique clientele
  • Strategic partnership- As we say, never re-invent the wheel but rather add value to existing products and services. In this we partner with banks, Insurance companies, technology outfits, beyond our borders companies to not only grow but simultaneously diversify.

The Vision is also build upon the following VALUES:

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Innovation Passion
  • Corporate Governance